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Artist Development

We offer artists intense vocal training, stage presence, interviewing etiquette and more....

Full Video Production

We offer artist the following packages: EPK, Artist Visual Builder, Promo Videos and more.....

One on One Consultations

Learn how to take care of business as a artist and build with purpose. You get a (1) Hour one on one with our CEO. Take advantage now and take your career to the next level... Building your foundation to publishing to charting.

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Our Photographers can get you set with Headshots, Commercial/ Magazine Print, Event Photography and all your photography needs...


Book your favorite Benjamin Ent Group Artist Today!!! (Stageplay's, Concerts, Tours, Weddings, Corporate Events and more.....)

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Graphic Design

We can fulfill all your graphic needs from merch designs to billboards. Let our team of designers help enhance your artist brand......

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    Courtney Benjamin


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    Micheal Wilson

    Creative Director

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    Patrick KAPELA LONSA

    International A&R

    Husband, father,founder of the GospelFest de Croix & CEO of Kalea Departement

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    Executive Assistant

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    Eli Douglass

    Label Photographer

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    Airyka Kiko

    Head of Graphics

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    Keisha Lanae

    Artist Development / Vocal Coach

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    Regina Washington

    Label Travel Agent